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Welcome to Bamboo Traveller, the home of quality plastic-free products!

We want to help you say goodbye to plastic toiletries in your home (and suitcase!) and make the switch to eco-friendly ones.

We offer quality eco-friendly containers for use at home and while you travel. Our products are zero waste, reusable, sustainably sourced, non-toxic and made from renewable materials. Stylish too!

Let's un-trash our planet!

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Why not choose plastic toiletries?

Plastic is made from non-renewable, polluting petrochemicals. That means it’s bad for the environment. Plastic is cheap but it costs the earth a lot in the long run! Read more about the plastic problem here.

Our bamboo jars and toothbrushes are simple, elegant, totally travel-friendly and, most importantly, won’t cost the earth. They are:

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